Our Story

The Tumbler Company 
founded in June 2022; we have been supplying sublimation tumblers and accessories to different arts and crafts stores across the United States. 

Sourcing quality sublimation tumblers and accessories have become more complicated. Many small businesses and individuals sell sublimation tumblers and accessories online, the quality and customer service could be more stable. Last year, I brought over 150 sublimation tumblers from a store online. The quality I received could have been better. There was an issue with the sublimation coating. As a result, the image could not be transferred, and the sublimation coating was peeling off. Due to such, I lost money from the tumbler and the sale. At that moment, I decided to source my own sublimation tumblers to prevent such issues from happening again.

I have partnered with Kupresso, CrafterSub, and launched our brand (The Tumbler Company). Finding a sustainable, consistent, quality, and reliable supplier is difficult. However, with a bit of luck, I found Kupresso. They started through Etsy (printpresso.etsy.com), and slowly opened their own website. I have used them for the past year, and their product, quality, and customer service speak for themselves. CrafterSub, a subsidiary brand of Kupresso, will offer a diverse line of sublimation products.


Modern and unique drinkware that too to your heart's liking. Kupresso has a large variety of drinkware which ranges from Acrylic to sublimation, glass, and stainless steel tumblers.

Each drinkware should tell a story so that our customers can relate to everything they bring to use. While quality matters, at the same time, they need to make sure to have various options in colors, styles, and designs in choosing their drinkware so that even the simplest of tasks like hydrating will be full of aesthetics and comfort.


CrafterSub, a subsidiary brand of Kupresso, will offer a diverse line of sublimation products. CrafterSub is built on quality and presentations to the final customer.

Customer satisfaction is important to us. If there's any problem with your order, feel free contact us anytime. We will gladly exchange or refund your order.

We know the importance of customer support and satisfaction. After all, I have been cheated out of tumblers and lost a valuable client. I don't want the same to happen to you.

This is my commitment to you.



JJ Feng